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With over 165,000 terminating codes world wide,and using multiple vendors, being able to make sense of all the data has been impossible, "UNTIL NOW"


LCR SOLUTIONS is not in the business of selling wholesale minutes.  Our only business is to increase your company's Revenue, Margin and Profit. We do this by uploading all your vendor rate sheets and client target lists into our encrypted data base. Our proprietary software will identify all the codes you should be buying from your vendors, as well as what codes you should be selling "BACK" to them. In addition we will identify the codes you can sell to your clients based on their targets. We produce for you seven (7) strategic reports identifying ALL of the detailed information you need for implementation. These reports cross reference every  code for both origination and termination. We do this on a weekly basis or more often, if needed.


LCR SOLUTIONS is so confident in our service, we require no contract and we will provide you an opportunity to see for yourself how our service will increase your business by providing your first reports at no charge or obligation.

Contact us to get your reports and see for yourself your company's increases        



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        Your Revenue, Margin and Profit               are Guaranteed to Increase

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